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Today, I talk with a group of people about the trips that I do around the area, about and how I am kind of new & slow in this blogging thing.

After we finish the regular briefing and chat for a bit, they told me that they were interested in a White Water Rafting Tour.

As a regular rafter: I told them about Tenorio River between Cañas and Upala. It’s a Rafting Class III & IV

Hold On!!
Hold On!!

This is my favorite place in the area, not just for the fact that has the biggest drop in Costa Rica, also cuz the wild life that you get to see when you are Rafting down the Tenorio.

The Crew is amazing and the food is delicious at the end of the trip.

To make a long story short; I saw them again in the property and we are ready to go out on a White Water Rafting trip tomorrow morning at 7:00am

They check: and enjoy it so much that it was a closed deal.

I am looking forward! It’s gonna be great!!!

I will add more details about it tomorrow!

Thank you very much and I will see you out there.

Pura Vida

Javier Francisco Vargas Morales
Naturalist Guide

Who has been at the Monkey Lady House?

I visit the Monkey Lady always when I am around Caldera or Puntarenas Pier.
It’s amazing to see all the White Faced Monkeys coming to her backyard just because they know that it would be fruit as a reward to show up.

Costa Rican spider monkey

Monkey, Mon key, Monkeyyyyy! She normally screams! And they come, they show up, they actually come that close to you that is the perfect time for the picture but most of the people is more in to the monkeys than the cameras.

Costa Rican Spider Monkey

It’s funny: The other day I went and I left my Sun Glasses by the log… I get carry on by Monkeys and try to explain a lit of bit of the reason why they are always there. Next thing I see is a Rascal grabbing my glasses and smash them against his knee and adios gafas!!!

Costa Rican Spider Monkey

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  1. We are so glad we could see the monkeys in their natural habitat.. Amazing how they use their tale to keep balance. They are SUPER cute!! We fet them bananas and Leen even shook hands with one of them. We also saw a mother white face monkey with her little baby =oD
    Sure worth visiting!

  2. I absolutely LOVED visiting Costa Rica! I fell in love with the country during my time there. Touring beautiful Costa Rica with Javier Francisco Vargas Morales is definitely the best way to go. He knows all the best spots, the best people and the most worthwhile things to do. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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